Case Study: DART Therapeutics: Supporting a Non-Profit with Cost-Effective Legal Solutions

An early-stage non-profit dedicated to finding a cure for Duchenne muscular dystrophy (DMD), DART Therapeutics, LLC needed cost-effective legal support it could trust. Since working with a law firm would require a commitment and retainer that was beyond DART’s means, its chairman had been drafting and negotiating all of the contracts himself. This wasn’t sustainable, but the company found a reliable ally in Contracts Associates.

Since we provide meticulous contract reviews on an hourly consultancy basis, we can ensure non-profits get the most out of their budget and always have access to the support they need. Our attorneys are dedicated to furthering biopharma research, and our dedication echoed that of DART’s chairman, who was vested in both the success of the company and in helping families affected by DMD.

Our rich industry experience allowed us to match the caliber of DART’s own employees and provide work that met the company’s unique needs. To set the non-profit in good standing for years to come, our attorneys finalized DART’s outstanding clinical study agreements, created a customized contract library, and developed a series of “policy letters” that would help ensure all future site budget negotiations and contract terms were built around the company’s funding structure.

DART Therapeutics, now part of Akashi Therapeutic, remains a client to this day. Contracts Associates are proud to support the DMD community and Akashi Therapeutics’ ongoing strive to find a cure.