Case Study: Vertex Pharmaceuticals: Delivering Full-Time Legal Support on an Consultancy Basis

Vertex Pharmaceuticals had lofty ambitions. It planned to conduct three crucial Phase III clinical trials simultaneously for its lead compound, involving multiple clinical sites—and all within a tight 14 month timeframe. It would take a strong legal team to help ensure success, and Contracts Associates fit the bill.

Vertex had an in-house legal team, but not enough attorneys to support objectives. The company was hesitant to hire more full-time lawyers, since there was no guarantee that they would be needed after the initial phase—and since any familiarization period could produce delays, jeopardizing success. Contracts Associates eliminated both of these concerns from the start.

We leveraged extensive industry experience to minimize any learning curve, so that our legal support immediately matched Vertex’s in-house team in knowledge, speed, and meticulousness. With external permissions to Vertex’s proprietary contract management system, we were able to provide exceptionally fast turnaround without sacrificing the fine attention to detail we’re known for, handling all contract reviews in 48 hours or less. Our company’s structure made this possible, since all our attorneys work remotely and are capable of turning work around at all hours.

Our hard work helped Vertex avoid costly delays and complete all three trials successfully, leading to the drug being brought to market. We’re proud of the part we played in this endeavor, and of the lasting relationships we built with Vertex’s excellent team.