Colleen M. Sproul, JD
President and CEO

Office: 781.598.8000

What inspired you to found Contracts Associates?

“I founded Contracts Associates in 2006, because I wanted to give pharmaceutical sponsors a way to ease the burden on in-house legal, and accelerate the clinical trial agreement process. At the time, the industry outsourcing model for accelerating the study start-up process was to bring in inexperienced recent law school grads or law firm attorneys with no in-house experience. I set out to change that.

Our team of attorneys is made up of thought leaders that steer our clients’ programs toward success and move the science forward. Our aim is to use our extensive in-house experience to empower our clients, helping them secure equitable contract terms and develop strategic contract review workflows.”

What motivates you in your work?

“The rich variety of our work means that I’m not confined to just one therapeutic area or drug product. Consulting for our clients allows me to work across the life sciences spectrum for clients all over the United States, and that’s very exciting. Each of us chose consulting as a career path because it gives us the opportunity to work hard and grow professionally without constraints.”

Colleen M. Sproul is the President and CEO of Contracts Associates. Earning her J.D. at New England Law Boston, she began her legal career at Genetics Institute, which sparked her passion for supporting clinical research. She went on to gain in-house experience at Boston Scientific, Wyeth, and Cardiovascular Clinical Studies, and today is a frequent speaker and commentator on informed consent issues and FDA regulatory developments in clinical contracting.