Thanks To ExL For Another Great Due Diligence Summit!

Day 1 of the Summit was informative and the speaker line up was impressive.  I would especially like to thank Jack Swig from North Shore InnoVentures Incubator for inviting me to run his workshop with him. I’ll be blogging about some of the data from the other presenters that I found most interesting and include a link to my own presentation below.

Legal and Contracting Strategies That Maximize Partnerships and Ensure a Successful Due Diligence Process: Contracts Associates eXl Due Diligence Seminar 2015

One “contracting strategy” that is worth mentioning here, but was not part of my presentation, was Astra Zeneca’s Carl Jessop’s plea to innovator companies: “Please, never sign long-term contracts with your suppliers!” Apparently AZ has its own suppliers, thank you anyway.