Case Study: Non-Profit

DART Therapeutics, LLC (now part of Akashi Therapeutics and still a client) was an early-stage, not-for-profit, biotech company dedicated to development of a treatment for DMD. DART was funded by Charley’s Fund, a patient and family advocacy group. The unique challenge for Contracts Associates was gaining the trust of  DART’s chairman, who was personally vested in the company’s success and had, to that point, been drafting and negotiating the company’s contracts.  We were able to quickly demonstrate that we were just as vested in the company’s success as the families were.

Contracts Associates finalized all of the outstanding clinical study agreements and created a contract library, specific to non-profits. In order to facilitate site budget negotiations, our attorney developed a series of “policy letters” to demonstrate how DART’s unique back-story and funding structure affected its ability to spend on its clinical trials. These policy letters were very helpful in explaining how DART’s unique financial position prevented it from agreeing to typical site budgets and requested contract terms such as indemnification.

Contracts Associates remains a proud supporter of the DMD community and we continue to handle the contract reviews for the dedicated team at Akashi Therapeutics.